Our Preferred Vendors

There are countless vendors we love working with, this page does NOT do their work justice. They are vendors that time and time again we keep recommending and LOVE to work with. Scroll down to see some of our absolute favorites in the industry. If you can hire some of them in addition to your Sea Shack Photo + Films team, rest assured your day is going to be FREAKING AMAZING.


Wedding Planning + Coordination + Day of Planner + Design

Looking for a planner? Full service, month-of, and day-of coordination. Say good-bye to all of your stress. Hiring a wedding planner is not only encouraged, but it is one of the MOST important decisions you will make for your wedding day. This is an expense that I would NOT even think twice about spending the extra money on for my wedding.

There truly is nothing that Nicole Puccinelli is incapable of accomplishing when armed with inspiration, coffee, and your wildest dreams. She will make your wedding ideas come to life in a way that exceeds all of your expectations. Not only does she make YOUR day a perfect experience, but I cannot even begin to tell you how much I look forward to working with her on your wedding day. She gets shots lined up for me BEFORE WE ARE EVEN ON SITE!! I show up to a wedding, the getting ready area is spotless… why? Because Nicole @ Sweet as Lace keeps everyone in line and makes sure everyone is aware of how a clean space impacts your wedding photos and video. We get to swoop in and start working right away! Not only does she keep everything organized, she has the details ready to roll right off the bat. She’s collected the wedding details from dresses to tuxes to jewelry and invitations and even placed them out for us. Again, BOOM we swoop in and everything is right there ready to go for us.

Don’t even get me started on family + group photos. Nicole has your list for you, even if you forgot it at home. She’s my go-to-wedding-planner-soulmate and she is always there to assist with group photos, whether that means assisting with lining up family members or reminding Uncle Bob that he doesn’t need to waste your/our time by stopping to make sure he has a good picture on his Motorola Razr.

That doesn’t even scratch the surface – visit her website and reach out to make your dreams come true. Website: www.sweetaslace.com

Sweet as Lace can assist with your FL, GA, and destination weddings! Contact her for pricing + packages.


5 - 5

Emilio and I had the pleasure of meeting Randy and Jodi Leichman at a bridal show in Tampa, FL and have been referring EVERYONE WE POSSIBLY CAN since then. In our experience a DJ can truly make or break a reception, you won’t ever have to second guess Randy and Jodi and we can attest to that. Their personalities truly shine through and make working with them an even better experience, always cheerful, extremely professional, and kind – this duo will make your wedding memorable. Reach out to them, you won’t regret having them there to take your reception to the next level, you won’t need to stress about your guests having fun or leaving an empty dance floor 🙂

Website: www.everlastingsounds.com


5 - 5

Alright let’s be real, you’re going to look absolutely stunning on your wedding day right? DUH. Have hair and makeup that not only photographs well, but makes you feel beautiful. I’ve put these lovely ladies on this page for a REASON. I am not kidding when I tell you the before and after photos from a Destiny and Light makeover have made bridesmaids and sometimes us drop our jaws, or if you’re the Mother of the Bride, start the waterworks … they are the best in the industry and their work backs that statement up. You’re already beautiful so your hair and makeup should be too. Every time we show up to the getting ready for a wedding and Destiny + Light is already working we relax a little bit, they are always on time, super friendly, and happy to help us get the stunning getting ready shots we love to capture.

Website: Destinyandlight.com


5 - 5

If you know me, you know I LOVE PLANTS. Just like Oprah loves bread in her weight watchers commercial… I LOVE PLANTS. I. LOVE. PLANTS. My room is full of plants, my car usually is transporting plants, I have a TATTOO of a plant … so plants + flowers are really important to me. MAKE A GOOD DECISION. <3 GIVE ME ALL OF THE SUCCULENTS PLZ. Oh and Eucalyptus is great too. Or really just any plants, okay?



5 - 5

BRIDES, GROOMS, EVERYONE… You need therapy… Porch Therapy. I cannot tell you how many hundreds of dollars I have spent (VERY WILLINGLY) at Porch Therapy. They’re located right inside of the East End Market in Orlando/Winter Park. This wonderful team is not only responsible for making my room look kickass, but they can make your wedding AMAZING too. They specialize in floral and botanical creations that will make your heart and your guests very happy. In addition to florals, they even offer Farm Table rentals – need I say more? Visit their website for more details or to contact them: www.porchtherapy.com


Always a pleasure to work with Orange Blossom, not only because I love food, but because they are so pleasant and wonderful. I’ve shot numerous Tampa Bay area (and beyond) weddings that have been catered by Orange Blossom, and I am always happy with their selection! Guests are also obsessed.

Website: www.orangeblossomcatering.com


5 - 5

FOOD TRUCKS… do I really need to elaborate? They have all of the food trucks you could ever want. We’ve had SO many different food trucks at weddings and it’s always an amazing experience. Not only are the food trucks FAST but they provide so many options for your guests. If you’re trying to diversify your menu, definitely reach out to them! Website: www.tampabayfoodtruckrally.com

Some more details about their wedding options can be found here.



Bryan Spainhower’s live guitar music adds that extra element of wedding bliss to your special day. He can play traditional wedding songs, or add that flamenco flare you’re looking for during cocktail hour too. His website has plenty of samples and information. He works with other artists who can provide violin, drums and percussion, and other amazing ensembles for your big day. Reach out for more info at his website: Bryanspainhower.com


5 - 5

“Born and raised in Dunedin, this native Floridian is an acoustic guitarist, vocalist, and singer/songwriter who is quickly gaining traction as a full-time musician. She has been a featured artist on WMNF’s 88.5 Florida Folk Show (watch here). She performs all over the bay area. Most notably, Ruth Eckerd Hall, Capitol Theatre, and the Clearwater Jazz Fest.” I’ve been able to work with Danielle at a wedding in the past, I have a very critical ear and all I can say is that Danielle’s melodic performance during the ceremony was SO amazing, it took a whimsical “Down the rabbit hole” Alice in Wonderland Wedding to new heights. I truly hope I get to work with this rising star again – contact her for your live vocalist + guitarist needs and you’ll se why she is so great! Her rendition of “Can’t Help Falling In Love” at the wedding was so incredible.


Website: Daniellemohrmusic.com