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Christian + Emilio

We are the faces behind Sea Shack Photo + Films, and we are SO happy you're checking out our website. Christian is the tall one, Emilio is the super handsome one. It's easy to tell us apart. Together with our team we work to create an incredible client experience for all of our amazing couples. NO STRESS IS ALLOWED, I can't emphasize that enough, from start to finish everything is super simple, seamless, and pleasant. We obsess over our craft so you can rest assured that you're in good hands. Scroll down to learn more about us and our team.



HEY THERE! My name is Christian Shackton, AKA (C SHACK) hence the “Sea Shack.” I know, super corny right? If that’s not corny enough, my family home was referred to as the LOVE SHACK… do I still have you or did we lose you? This picture is me getting REALLY into La Macarena as a guest.  Some things you should know about me:

  • I’m OBSESSED WITH SUSHI and I am on a continuous hunt for the best sushi in the universe
  • I probably won’t wear a bow tie to your wedding, unless requested of course. In the photos we were attending as both guests/friends and photographers 🙂
  • I run this business with my boyfriend Emilio, and I am THE LUCKIEST. We met on Tinder (shoutout to all of my internet couples <3)
  • I shot my first wedding in 2010 and things have been CRAZY ever since. I truly have the BEST job
  • I am an avid traveler. Favorite vacations so far: Mexico City & Cabo, Bahamas, Israel, Ireland, Costa Rica, Canada anything in California.
  • Emilio and I have a dog, her name is Roux, a pit-lab mix and she’s the most loving nugget on the planet
  • I’m ~*mostly*~ pescatarian



Hii! I’m Emilio and I am Christian’s life co-pilot. I help him throughout the entire editing and wedding process. We are SO busy that one of us handling the editing/social media aspect of business is NOT enough. We make the perfect duo… Christian is spontaneous down to his very core, and I tend to be more logical in my process, this works out very well for us and our business. Here’s the condensed version of what you should know about me:


  • I’m just as obsessed with travel as Christian
  • I’m a much better dancer
  • I’ve been in the photography business for about 3 years now, I was willingly dragged into it when I met Christian and I could not be happier
  • Lover of dark chocolate and jalapeño potato chips
  • Goes to the movie theater way too often
  • I like exploring new places with Christian. Next trips: Ireland (again), France (again), Iceland!!



Becca was born in FL and is a proud St. Petersburg resident. When she’s not shooting weddings with us or Danielle (her main partner in crime) she has a passion for her own business/child: Dirty Denim ( Warning, she will 100% make you laugh. Becca shoots weddings around the Tampa Bay area as well as other Florida weddings.

• I practiced four years of film photography, developing and printing my own film and photos. Photography is one of my nearest and dearest passions.

• I love traveling, and being outdoors equally as much as I love comfy pajamas and binge watching scary movies. Balance is major, snacks rule everything around me.

• I am a compulsive thrifter, although my husband would disagree and interchange “thrifter” with “hoarder.” Which, is why I started my own business last year, upcycling vintage finds and slinging cool creations at local markets.









Danielle often works with Becca (see above) to offer amazing Associate Packages for when Christian and Emilio are booked! If you see Danielle, chances are she’s hip to hip with Becca cracking jokes or smiling. In her free time she is an avid plant lover and sometimes works at the Fancy Free Nursery in Tampa, FL.

• I’m a recent graduate in graphic design who grew passionate for photography during school

• Love nerding out and pwning b*tches in overwatch. But as much as I love being indoors I also enjoy the outdoors and going on adventures

• I also help out at Fancy Free Nursery in Tampa, FL. I guess I am a plant connoisseur

• “If you also want to add in there somewhere that I am awkward as hell, I wouldn’t say you’re wrong.”



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