**NOW BOOKING FOR 2019 + 2020**


Pricing. Not rocket science.

No one likes having their time wasted, am I right? For that reason we aren’t going to hide our pricing from you. Below you’ll see a variety of popular packages we offer and the average cost for each specific one. We put the average starting cost for each package due to the fact that we service different markets and areas, some pricing may vary region to region or for destination weddings. If you want to chat about a custom package reach out and we can go over your needs! Have a look at the pricing below and let us know which one best fits your wedding day needs! If you don’t see something that fits your budget, don’t worry – we have other options for every budget.




We can’t stress enough that we are humans when it comes to the pricing and booking process! If you have specific needs for your package or want to discuss a customized or destination wedding package, just shoot us a message on the book us page! Don’t ever be scared of the money talk with us! Payment plans are available too 🙂 Yeah, I’ll repeat that … PAYMENT PLANS ARE AVAILABLE pretty rad, right?!?

Fill out our contact form and let us know what your wedding day needs are!